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Please know that we are not resellers, selling space on another company's system. We own our own servers. This allows us control over the hardware, software, and type of content that we allow on our servers. We do what is called "co-location" of our servers. That means we send our custom-built servers to a high quality "data center" to be connected directly to the Internet backbone.  The data center is capable of providing all the bandwidth we could ever need.

We currently use a solid, reliable, data center located in Phoenix, Arizona. The data center is very secure, climate controlled, and has generator backup in the event of electrical failure. If there is a problem with the server that can not be addressed remotely, we hire the technicians at the data center to perform any work necessary at the server level.

By using many bandwidth providers, redundant Internet connections are possible. If one provider is currently unavailable, the traffic is quickly transferred to others. This helps to keep our servers, and your web sites, available to your viewers. Names like Sprint, Cox, Qwest, ELI, UUNET, Broadwing, Global Crossing, and others make up the list of those providing connections into the data center.

We use an outside monitoring service to check our servers availability. This method also tests the route into the server from several locations. External monitoring gives a more realistic picture of the connectivity into the server. Internal monitoring can only test the server itself. As often as every 10 minutes, the outside service attempts to connect to our servers. If there is a failure, we are immediately paged and/or called to alert us to the problem.

We do all we can within our power and that of the technicians at the data center to keep our servers online. By not overloading our servers with accounts, housing them in a reliable data center, and using efficient monitoring, we are working to ensure a excellent up time and uninterupted service for our clients.


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