Meet the owners behind SonServers Christian web site hosting services.

Welcome to SonServers Christian Web Hosting Hello, and Welcome

My name is Scott McCullough. My wife, Lori and I are owners of SonServers.Com. I thank you for considering us while searching for a web host.

We are a family owned, and operated business. We are not the oldest, or the largest web hosting company on the Internet by any means... and that's ok with us. We have no intention of web hosting domination or multi-million dollar profits. We are real, reachable, and we very much enjoy the relationships that we have built with our clients over the years while hosting their web sites.

Our original intention was, and still is, to provide inexpensive, and high quality web hosting services for Christian's web sites. The "Christian" label was never intended to be a "gimmick". We use the "Christian" label to let potential clients know that our desire is to serve the web hosting needs of Christians.

We strive to conduct our business in a Christian-like manner. To us, this means putting restrictions on allowable content, providing excellent service, and serving our clients the way we would wish to be served. We feel Christian restrictions on web site content should go much deeper than just "no porn".

We do not want you to feel you should host your family-friendly or Christian web site with us just because of a Christian label. But, if you are looking for a inexpensive web hosting provider that offers great service, chooses not to host content that Christians would find offensive, and strives to conduct business in a Christian manner, then please consider allowing us to serve you.

    Short Testimony

I grew up as basically an unchurched kid, but I did go to Bible Camps and Bible School for many summers. I thought I was saved because at the end of the week of camp, I threw my stick in the bonfire just like the others.

As I grew older, a friend helped me understand that I had not made my own decision to live for Christ. I still don't know if I was ever really saved in my youth, but now I know I am. At the age of 25, I realized that I had to choose to accept or deny Christ. I wanted to accept Christ for the "fire insurance", but I didn't think I needed Him when it came time to live my life the way I wanted. My friend helped me to see that we can't have it both ways. You are either a Christian or you are not. At that point, I accepted Jesus as my savior and began the rest of my life with a new outlook. This did not make me perfect, and I'm still a sinner, but I know that Jesus has forgiven me and I will one day get to meet Him in Heaven and thank Him for that.

If you would like to know more about us, or have questions about what Christ can do for you, contact us ... I'd be happy to meet with you.

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 Scott and Lori


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